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Our SunSafe products are created with green Virgin Vinyl that can withstand UV rays with little to no fading. Virgin Vinyl means that the material itself is a rich green colour, as opposed to plastics that have been dyed green or have been printed with patterns. Sun-Safe products are able to withstand sunlight when placed in a protected outdoor setting or in an indoor area that receives a copious amount of sun. SunSafe products do not always have the durability to withstand rain or wind, and are usually not recommended for outdoor use.

UV Infused

Our UV-Infused products are made from a vibrant green vinyl that has been infused with a UV-protectant formula to prevent discolouration in copious amounts of sunlight. This means the UV protection has been built directly into the product, and is not a coating or seal that can wear off over time. These products are the longest lasting when displayed outdoors*, and are composed of the highest level of plastic that is protected from direct sunlight. *In cases of extreme weather or sun exposure, it is possible for the colour to dull slightly over a period of time, but the plastic itself will always maintain its original tone.


Our Wind/Rain-Resistant products have been tested to withstand harsh winds and wet conditions. Wind/Rain-Resistant products are durable, unaffected by water and can not be easily disassembled or damaged, so they will receive minimal wear in cases of hail, snow, heavy rain or wind. Wind/Rain-Resistant products can be displayed outdoors, but are not always infused with UV protectant, so it is important to monitor these products if they are placed in direct sunlight.

*Using Product Outdoors

When selecting products for outdoor use, select any products that are tagged as UV-Infused AND Wind/Rain-Resistant. This will provide the best protection. Please note that some high-heat or cold can effect products differently. To get the longest lifespan, consider bringing in your products during prolonged extreme temperatures.